"What will you do to protect my carpets, floors and furniture"?

When I'm quoting an interior paint job I am often asked by the customer, "What will you do to protect my carpets, floors and furniture"? This is a very good question and I explain my process this way. My top priority is giving you a quality finished paint job that you will love and enjoy for years to come. At the same time I want to protect your belongings and provide a safe work environment for my crew. 

To ensure that, I request breakable items such as lamps, glass or ceramic vases, porcelain objects, pictures, etc; be removed from the area. I also find it a tremendous help if the customer unplugs and tucks away power cords and cables. This removes the possibility of a person tripping and makes set-up and painting easier and faster. Once breakables, power cords and cables are out of the way I protect your remaining furnishings from paint or damage by either moving them out of the room or to the center of the room, depending on the shape and size. For example, end tables, coffee tables and other items that take up a lot of space but can easily be removed are taken from the room. Larger furnishings are placed in the center of the room to create a 4' wide isle of open space around the perimeter of the room and next to the walls. Then these centralized furnishings are completely covered with plastic. This plastic drapes over the furniture with its edges resting on the floor. Protective drop-cloth runners are laid around the perimeter of the room making sure the inside edge of these drops overlap the edges of the plastic. Lastly, a 12" paper runner is masked to the base moldings in the room and overlaps the outside edge of the previously laid drop-clothes. This process covers all the furniture, carpet or floor and protects them from any possible paint drips or splatter while also providing a safe work environment. 

Self Priming Paint
Downtown Vancouver Store Front Improvement Project

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